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Michelle founded FluffBum Threads in July 2016. She became a new mom in 2014 and began her cloth diapering journey. She realized very quickly, a regular onesie just did not fit a cloth diapered baby properly. It was always too small in the bum and too big in the arms and chest area. Never long enough or wide enough to cover the cloth diapered bottom. 

It’s normal for babies to out grow clothes about every 3 months, but her baby was out growing his clothes twice as fast. She COULD NOT KEEP UP! Financially nor otherwise. She found herself feeling hopeless and frustrated. It was taking the fun out of dressing her babe and the entire cloth diapering experience.

This is when she came up with FluffBum Threads and began her journey to solving the problem. She started very narrow and developed the product she felt was missing in the market the most. The Onesie. Because it is so important to keep your baby warm in the first year of life, especially those first few months, a onesie is so vital to an infant’s wardrobe, keeping the tummy covered and heat in. After tons of research and design development, the perfect onesie was born. This process was long and tedious because she wanted to make sure she got the fit just right. 

She quickly branched into Sleepers No more sleepers that are way too long in the legs and feet area! In the future she plans to develop this brand into a full cloth diaper friendly brand, including, leggings, jeans, shorts and rompers.

You now have the Perfect fit for your FluffBum Babe. Our goal for this line is to make dressing your cloth diapered baby simple, easy and fun.

Michelle has a Business Degree from the University of San Diego. 

 We sincerely hope you love our products.

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